Alphabet Soup – Movement Activities

By: Mandi Welch, PT DPT

Rainy day?
Here is a great way to promote gross motor activity with your kids while practicing their letters! You can write each letter on a flash card and have your child draw one at a time. You can also lay them out across the floor and have your child pick a letter to jump on and then do the corresponding activity.
A- Animal Walks
B- Balance Beam
C- Musical Chairs
D- Dancing
E- Egg Races
F- Follow the Leader/Fly Like a Bird
G- Gallop
H- Hopscotch
I- Inchworm
J- Jumping Jacks
K- Kick
L- Log Roll
M- March
N- Noisy Stomps
O- Olympics
P- Picking Apples
Q- Quick Feet
R- Run and Read
S- Swing
T- Tic Tac Toss
U- Unicycle – Standing on one leg
V- Victory Dance
W- Wheelbarrow Walk
X- Zig Zag Zoom

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