staff highlight: stacy reynolds
April 8, 2021

After helping a family member with their rehabilitation from a brain injury, Stacy Reynolds knew this was a career path she wanted to pursue. Drawing from inspiration from her own family, today Reynolds serves as an Occupational Therapist and Clinic Director at Family Physical Therapy’s Lexington location where she specializes in orthopedics, hands, pediatrics, and women’s health.

Growing up in Paxton, Nebraska, Reynolds is familiar and knows the importance of community and relationships as she treats her patients. “I love how, in this community, you can always find common ground with your patients. Whether you enjoy the same restaurants, go to the same church, or know mutual people. With the amount of time we spend together during sessions we get to know each other really well.  I love when they show me pictures of their pets, or tell me about a vacation they are planning, we really become friends in the short time we work together.”

Community and relationships have proven to be important to the Reynolds family. She and her husband Blake have served the Lexington community in a variety of ways aiding as Teammate mentors, serving on the YMCA board of directors, PEO, and Operation Santa Claus to name a few. By staying involved in the community, Reynolds has been able to interact and see how far her patients have come. “By far, the most rewarding part of my job is when a patient tells me about an activity they can do now that they were unable to do before therapy.”

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staff highlight: Ellie Connely
March 24, 2021

Suffering from third degree burns, a torn ACL, and multiple broken bones Ellie Connely came full circle at Family Physical Therapy where she was once a patient on multiple occasions and is now working to help patients learn to regain prior mobility and function.

“I remember the frustration of attending therapy day after day to work towards getting back into the activities that I was passionate about. I try to empathize with patients to understand that these physical difficulties can be mentally exhausting as well,” Connely recalls.

Empathy runs throughout the Connely family as her father works as an ear, nose, and throat physician while her mother is a teacher. Occupational therapy was a perfect fit combining her parents two passions, and once Connely shadowed an Occupational Therapist she found her calling.

Today, Connely loves incorporating music and dance into her therapy with pediatric patients to keep her patients engaged and enjoying therapy. Working with her adult patients, she credits them for teaching her so many life lessons that she cherishes.

Connely is motivated by her family, coworkers, and fellow Occupational Therapist classmates to challenge her to be a better therapist. Frequently reaching out to her fellow therapists to see what fun treatments to incorporate for her patients. Connely’s coworkers could agree, she can often be found smiling and laughing during work. “I feel lucky to work in a job that brings me so much joy. I always leave at the end of the day with a happy heart.”

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